1323680_17996870Why use a professional Interpreter?

When you engage a lawyer, a doctor or a tradesman you have an expectation that the person doing the job is trained and qualified and has specialist expertise in their field. An interpreter is no different. Interpreting is a complex skill set and our interpreters have completed rigorous training and testing to ensure their skills are of the highest quality and standards. Interpreters are also required to abide by a code of ethics and are accountable for their actions and their interpretations.

What if someone speaks two languages, can they interpret?

Bilingualism does not mean that a person is able to interpret information. It can often be tempting to use someone’s friend or relative to interpret information but this should be avoided at all costs. A family member or friend may not have the necessary fluency in both languages, or the ability to interpret accurately. They are not bound by ethical constraints such as impartiality and confidentiality. Your client has a right to ethical, professional, accurate and confidential interpretation.

How can I use an interpreter effectively?

Great question! Take a look at the heading “How to use an interpreter” on the sidebar or just ask us.

What can my company do to keep our interpreter costs low and still get professional service?

Call Professional Interpreters today to find out how your company could receive interpreting services at no cost or low cost. We provide exceptional service at an exceptional rate.

How can I request an interpreter today?

Click on the “Request an Interpreter” drop down tab under “Contact Us” and fill out the information, or fax your request to 503.991.5175. You can always call us at 971-304-7330, and calling is the best option for same day appointments.

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